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ALUMA~SEAL  is more commonly known as metalizing or aluminizing. It’s  a process of applying melted aluminum to steel by flame spraying onto metal parts, giving the metal a complete aluminum seal to prevent it from rusting.

ALUMA~SEAL is the perfect surface preparation for powder coating . It makes powder coating bond 6 to 10 times better to it’s surface, providing the most durable  “no-rust” finish possible on steel.   Ideally for high rust environments we recommend two power coats over ALUMA~SEAL, one primer coat and a top color coat.  This combination results in a perfect rust proof finish, one that Olympic will guarantee!

If you live near on the beach where high salt content air moisture can rust things overnight,  ALUMA~SEAL can help.  By using a layer of “no-rust” aluminum on your outdoor metal items your problems will be over.

If you’re concerned about rusting and want more information on this extra protection for years of beauty, email us at info@olympicpowdercoaters.com or call us at 714-979-2233.


Popular Uses For ALUMA~SEAL

  • Outdoor hand rails or balconies, especially if sprinklers get it wet.
  • Outdoor patio furniture
  • Boats and marine parts
  • Iron gates and fences
  • Air conditioning covers
  • Auto parts
  • Industrial piping or fixtures
  • Camping equipment
  • Outdoor shade frames
  • Items in harsh high moisture environments
  • Items located in salt air locations, such as beach front homes
  • Items in harsh high moisture environments

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