Laguna Coast Wilderness Park

Mr. Mark Cherry
Olympic Powder Coating, Inc.
2737 South Garnsey Street
Santa Ana, Ca. 92707-3340

Dear Mr. Cherry,
As you know, the Nix Nature Center is our gateway into the spectacular Laguna Coast Wilderness Park.  Visitors appreciate and comment on the nature center’s striking architecture.

Thank you for your beautiful powder coating of the Nix Nature Center’s support stand for the outdoor interpretive sign.  After six years, the sign had developed so much rust it looked as though it might start losing structural integrity.  Its dilapidated appearance also impacted visitor’s perceptions about the nature center.

Now the sign looks as good as new.  Thank you, also, for caring enough to recruit Whitney Blakeslee to sandblast and flame-spray-metalize the support stand.  I know the extra work will increase the longevity of its perfect shiny new finish.

Your donation means so much to us!  Laguna Coast Wilderness Park staff has a huge responsibility caring for the park.  It is inspiring that you expressed your passion for the park by providing such a generous and outstanding service.

Again, many thanks!

Sincerely yours,

Laura Cohen
Resource Specialist
Laguna Coast Wilderness Park                                                                                                                                          

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