Are your pool chairs sunburned, faded and dried out. If your pool chairs and pool furniture are rusting or falling apart we have a solution for you. Buying new pool chairs and chaise lounge is very expensive, but who likes old rusty pool chairs with, chipped paint and broken straps. We can take your old pool chairs and strip them down sandblast off all the rust and corrosion and give them an Alum-Seal coating that will prevent future rust. We will than powder coat the chairs with a high quality durable coating that will shine and sparkle for years!

We also provide re-strapping services so that your chairs look brand new! You can choose from tons of different strap colors to design and create custom chair styles or match classic chair styles. We can help you match existing colors or you can choose from our hundreds of colors and strap options. No matter if you are tired of the color and style of your pool furniture or if your remodeling or looking for an update for old furniture we are your goto choice for pool chair restoration.

Olympic Powder Coating is every DYI, Designer or Decorators  best resource for reviving aging pool chairs or to create a custom design solution for your next project. Come down to day and we can help you select your colors, straps and runners to complete your pool chair revival.

The process icludes:

  1. Backing off ll old paint
  2. Sandblasting of chrosion
  3. Phosphate Wash
  4. Aluma Seal Protection (optional)
  5. Powder Coating
  6. Re-Strapping


Pool Chair RestorationPool Chair Restoration Pool Chair RestorationPool Chair Restoration

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