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Building a sand car can be a great family project (assuming you have boys to help). But a good foundation to build upon is important, such as a good protective glossy powder coat in your choice of color. Gemtech coats every job is treated like we own it, taking the time to do the job right for a great finish. We’ve been coating sand rails for years, providing first class finishes to frames and engine parts to match. You’ll be proud of your car after Gemtech Coatings puts the finish on your project.

Hint: We will do all the masking in areas you need protected. Make sure you discuss with us what you want protected, such as chrome or precision holes. If exposed, the thickness of a powder coat can make holes smaller, preventing bolts from fitting. In addition, show us all the threaded holes to insure we protect those too so bolts or fittings will screw in properly.


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