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Small parts are often difficult to protect with solvent based paint. Many times the inability to get a perpendicular angle to the surface to apply solvent based paint can result in thin spots from odd application angles. This is compounded with difficulties holding the part and rotating properly in an omni-direction for full “all-around” coverage. Small or intricate parts, such as automotive pieces or racing parts that need protection from rust and abuse can benefit from Powder Coating.

The advantages of applying powder coat protection on small parts are very apparent when compared. Due to the powder particle attraction from charging the metal with electricity the need to get a direct angle hit is not as critical as with solvent based paint. The charged attraction allows a certain amount of powder to adhere to the surface, the balance of any excess is blown away, so an even coat is the result, even with intricate parts.

Consistent glossy finish, no runs, no thin spots.

Key Benefits of Powder Coating

  • 1Friendly to small intricate parts
  • 2Even coat thickness, even with odd application angles
  • 3Consistent glossy finish, no runs, no thin spots.


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