If you want to upgrade your stock rims or customize your current rims we can help you out. Powder Coating is the perfect solution for rim refinishing and coloring. Powder Coating provides an ultra high durability finish with even coverage and no sagging or dripping of the paint. Powder Coating is also the perfect solution for restoring old damaged rims as we can sandblast them clean and reapply a durable powdercoat.

Admit it new rims and wheels can be very expensive. But if you have recently repainted your car, or restored a classic car? Than you need new fresh clean rims to complement your efforts. Or maybe your just looking to add some flash and flair to your boring stock rims? Well we have you covered we can add hints of color or do two tone rims and more. If you want your rims blacked out we can do it with a highly durable high quality rich black finish.

Powder coating is the best way to recolor or restore old damaged rims. We sand blast down all rims removing grit, rust, dirt and inclusions from the rims than we use a phosphate wash to get a clean and perfect surface that is ready to be coated. Than we can add brilliant colors to your rims from candy red to a dark black.

Rims Metal Coating


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