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SandblastingUnlike many powder coat operations we do our own sandblasting to insure a clean prepared surface. If we didn’t do this fundamental step on site the metal’s surface could be compromised with contamination during transportation, handling, or weather. The liability of off-site sandblasting isn’t worth the risk, that’s why we prefer to do it ourselves. It assures a quality bond of powder coating to the surface for years of protection.

Below is an classic example of why on site sandblasting is important. This race truck took the fabricator many months to build with custom suspension for the brutal Baja terrain. It was imperative the finish was tough so it lasts and stays good looking for the audience to admire. The surface prep on this job required careful attention to assure that 100% of the metal was blasted to maximize coverage for resin adhesion. Once the truck was sandblasted and completely vacuumed of all sand, it was immediately coated and baked in the oven so no rust formation could start. If sandblasting were to occur off site the risk of rust formation is much higher with exposure to the weather from transporting.

Our on-site sandblasting expedites the job by eliminating the time needed for transportation to and from the sandblaster. So if you’re in a hurry for a quality job you need on-site sandblasting, and Olympic’s ready for the work.

Benefits to On-Site Sandblasting:

  • 1Speeds up job
  • 2Insures our quality standards are met for surface preparation
  • 3Reduces risk of surface contamination during transportation
  • 4Less risk of weather problems
  • 5Less risk of damage during transportation
  • 6Costs less by eliminating transportation to sandblaster

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