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Acrylichrome (Vacuum Metal Coating) also know as Vacuum Metalizing is a innovative coating process based around our field of Rapid Cycle Metalizing systems.

Olympic Powder Coating provides multiple vacuum metal coating techniques (sputtering, cathodic arc, and thermal evaporation) to provide our customers specific coating solutions for the complexity, thickness and desired reflectivity for your production needs.

Uses For Vacuum Metal Coating

  • 1Reflective coatings for commercial, industrial, solar, and automotive lighting
  • 2Decorative coatings for displays, hardware, home appliances, automotive trim, & related applications
  • 3Shielding coatings for electronic isolation (EMI/RFI/ESD)

Our Highly reflective coatings are generally produced by sputtering aluminum then following the coating with a protective topcoat. Our decorative coatings range from bright chrome to copper and brass. To Shield from EMI/RFI we deposit a highly conductive metallic layer like aluminum or copper, to the component.

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