Powder coating is a dry finish coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. Powder Coating is applied electrostatically  and than heat cured.  Powder Coating results in a durable, high quality finish that provide maximum protection compared to other painting procedures. Powder coating is a very efficient process resulting in very little wast and because it is not a harmful VOC’s it is environmentally compliant. powder coating comes in thousands of colors with a wide range of hues, tints and textures making it an optima surface coating for both protective and decorative finishes. Powder coating requires no solvents to keep the the binder and filler suspended in a liquid state. Rather powder coating is cured using heat generated and bonded to the surface of the material using electrostatic magnetization. This process allows the powder to form a skin that accurately covers the surface with a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paints. Powder coating is mainly used on metal applications ranging from extruded aluminum, hardware, automotive parts, bicycles, appliances and other metal surfaces.

How Powder Coating is Applied. The “powder” used in powder coating is a polymer resin combining color pigments, flow modifiers, curatives and leveling agents. This powder is melted and mixed than cooled and ground into a fine a uniform pigment powder. The powder is than sprayed from a electrostatic spray gun onto the metal surface. The spry gun creates an electrostatic charge on the powder particles. These excited and electrified particles of powder are than blasted onto a grounded metal part where the powder’s electrostatic energy is attracted. This process results in a perfect coating of the energetic metal surface resulting in no flaws or blemishes. The powdered surface of the metal is than enters a curing oven where the surface is baked resulting in a chemical composition change  resulting in high cross-link density providing a surface that is very resistant to molecular breakdown even under extreme conditions.

How Durable is Powder Coating. Powder coating is a very popular finish on many consumer goods. It is used as a surface covering because it provides superior resistance to wear, discoloration and damage. Powder coating is a very high quality finish that is used to protect everything from high use rough and tumble industrial machinery to every day household items. Powder coating is popular because it provides a more durable finish than liquid pains while still providing luster and shine. Powder coating is extremely resistant to impact and denting as well as ultraviolet light, chemicals, including corrosive and moist environments. These properties make it an ideal coating surface when your product requires consumer resistance to scratches, dents, chipping, abrasions, fading, wear, and corrosion. Given these benefits powder coating is a perfect hard surface coating with brilliant shine and luster.

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